13Forest Gallery

UPDATED March 15: 13Forest Gallery, 167A Mass. Ave. in East Arlington, plans to open a new exhibition, "Palette: Four Takes on Five Colors," on Saturday, March 18. The exhibit is to run through May 12.

Coming: Saturday, April 15, from 4 to 6 p.m.: "On Assignment," a conversation with the artists of Palette.

Saturday, April 29, from noon to 6 p.m.: "Show and Tell," a painting demonstration with Paul Beckingham.

13Forest Gallery announces Palette: Four Takes on Five Colors, featuring new paintings by Linda CordnerBonita LeFloreDeborah Peeples and Heather Pilchard.

"Palette" began with an unusual assignment given to the artists: create a series of paintings using a limited palette of five colors. The inspiration for this parameter came from Peeples, who had once challenged herself to create a series of paintings from a group of wax pigments she happened to have stored together on a shelf. For this show, the artists themselves settled on a common palette of five warm and cool colors from the painting Sandwich #2 by Zoey Frank, then set out to create their own paintings composed of only those colors. 

Imposing restrictions on an artist might seem detrimental to the creative process, but for an adventurous painter a limitation can inspire new ways of working or modes of expression. Working with an unfamiliar color palette can inspire a painter to abandon familiar techniques and explore new ideas, producing work that feels fresh and exciting. The four artists of Palette gamely took on the challenge and created an exhibition with a unifying visual motif that simultaneously highlights the uniqueness of their individual perspectives. 

PALETTE: FOUR TAKES ON FIVE COLORS, (March 18 - May 12, 2023) will be on view at 13FOREST Gallery, 167A Mass. Ave., Arlington, MA 02474.  

For all inquiries, please contact Marc Gurton or Caitee Hoglund at 13FOREST Gallery by phone 781-641-3333 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

This news announcement was published Thursday, Jan. 12, 2023, based on information from a 13Forest email sent to YourArlington. It was updated March 15.