Millions of unboxing videos on YouTube can’t be wrong: People love opening packages. For book lovers, what could possibly be better than a package with a surprise book inside?

Katy Kania
Katy Kania, head of teen services at Robbins.

The Robbins Library’s new subscription box program for teens brings the joy of opening presents to readers in a program called Library Loot, a partnership between the Robbins Library and Arlington High School.

Like other subscription box programs, Library Loot features selected items, and boxes will be delivered to Arlington High School for convenient pickup.

Katy Kania, Robbins Library head of teen services, is the brains behind the “loot” and selects titles for each box.

“I think a program like this is a great way to make reading fun,” she says. “There’s no requirement for the program. You don’t have to write a book report at the end. You don’t have to even READ it!”

Even though there’s no requirement to read the book, Kania is confident that students will like the books in their boxes. “I’m really good at finding books for people!” she says.

Students at Arlington High School can sign up for the program with AHS Librarian Stacy Kitsis. Sign-up is simple -- students fill out a brief form with preferred genres. Once Kania receives forms from Kitsis, students will be on the list for the next month's box. The program is open to all Arlington High School students and may be expanded in the future.

"We are so excited for Library Loot as another great opportunity to share the love of reading -- and our love of Robbins Library -- with AHS students,” says Kitsis. “What could be better than the thrill of discovering an amazing new book, the glamour of personalized shopping and the childlike glee of a goodie bag all combined in one?"

Library Loot is now open for student sign-up. For more information, contact Katy Kania at 781-316-3206. 

This news announcement was published Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019.