Louise Popkin, Mario BenedettiLouise Popkin with poet Mario Benedetti

Who has translated a South American poet said to have rock-star status? Louise Popkin of Arlington has.

A teacher of Spanish at Harvard's Division of Continuing Education, she is the translator of Witness: the Selected Poems of Mario Benedetti. The book, available for preorder online, was released officially by White Pine Press on Monday, April 16.

Popkin describes Benedetti (1920-2009) as a truly iconic figure in his native Uruguay and all over the Spanish-speaking world -- a poet whose celebrity is uncommon in the English-speaking world.

This bilingual edition contains the only translations into English of his poetry done with the poet's active support and collaboration.

Popkin said that she and the poet began work on the project together many years ago. "I promised him I'd finish and publish it, and after more years of work, it's finally done," she wrote.

Find out more about Witness at www.mariowitness.com. You can see some sample poems there as well as a full Table of Contents, press releases, blurbs, etc. and we hope to be adding more material as it becomes available.

You also can hear an extensive interview Popkin did about the book at World Wide Word Radio >>

The book is doing well on Amazon's Hot New Releases in Latin American Literature.