Intelligent Labor's electric vehicle. Photo: Andre Bogard @bogardmediaproductionsPhoto: Andre Bogard @bogardmediaproductions

Intelligent Labor and Moving of Arlington has received the first electric box truck in the state through a Massachusetts program encouraging such vehicles.

The vehicle secured through the state MOR-EV rebate program is not only electric, but is charged by the solar panels on the roof of Intelligent Labor’s warehouse.

The truck and electric drive-line are from SEA Electric with a Hino cab and chassis and a Morgan body. The range is between 150 (local) and 128 (highway) miles.

“Not since Colonial times could you produce your own fuel, but now you can," an Oct. 22 news release from the office of CEO Ezekiel Wheeler says. "Pairing the solar and the electric truck are a game changer for both, in terms of return on investment, convenience and profitability. Now is not the time for pledges on climate change, but a time for action.“

Wheeler confirmed the truck's status by quoting the MOR-EV truck team in response to Intelligent Labor's rebate: "Finally, this will be the first vehicle delivered and rebated in the MOR-EV trucks program."

Wheeler added that his company had the first two rebate reservations under the state program, which is new.

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This news announcement was published Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021.