Arlington via Google Earth: Your Town, Your Future

The Redevelopment Board on Monday, Feb. 28, discussed MBTA community requirements, which have spurred differing opinions about the effects on future housing in East Arlington.

The board heard a presentation by Kelly Lynema, assistant planning director, who outlined general requirements the town must meet. They include at least one district of reasonable size where multifamily housing is allowed by right, must permit a gross density of at least 15 dwellings per acre, and part of the district should be located with half a mile of a transit station.

For details, read a summary of the meeting by board member Steve Revilak, who provide his notes as a public service. 

On Jan. 30, resident Don Seltzer brought the issue to the public. In an opinion piece, he wrote: “Arlington is being punished by the state. Our crime was allowing too many homes to be built on small lots, putting us into the top 4-percent densest communities in Massachusetts.

“The new MBTA overlay-district mandate now requires us to zone for the increase of far more households than our much-less-dense neighboring communities, who have lagged behind in providing housing.”

Revilak looked the MBTA district another way. His Feb. 14 column pointed to other options.

Feb. 15, 2022: Redevelopment Board decides schedule for zoning articles 

This news summary was published Monday, March 7, 2022.