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An Arlington Massachusetts State Lottery player has qualified for half a million dollars after winning the grand prize from a scratch-off ticket.

The $500,000 prize, for the game “$500,000 Cashword Corners 2021,” was purchased at Little Joe’s Convenience, Summer Street. The lottery has not yet identified the player.

The grand prize had a 1 in 3,780,000 odds, MassLive reported

Overall, there were more than 1,000 winning lottery tickets worth at least $600 claimed or sold Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Massachusetts State Lottery releases a full list of all the winning tickets each day. (To get the town winners, type in "Arlington.") The list includes winning tickets worth more than $600. 

The largest Massachusetts State Lottery prize won so far this year was for $15 million.

It was claimed by the P.M. Investment Trust of Fall River, which was represented by trustee Joseph H. Silvia. Silvia was then presented with a check for $6,922,500.

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This news announcement was published Monday, June 13, 2022.