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UPDATED: With temperatures well above 80 degrees in eastern Massachusetts in the last week of July 2023, government officials continued to advise residents of options to stay cool and safe, to overly exert themselves, to drink plenty of water and to check in on relatives, friends and neighbors. When one must be outdoors, seeking shade, wearing hats and sunscreen, and similar measures are recommended.

On Twitter on Wednesday, the Town of Arlington stated, "Extreme heat is extremely dangerous. Heat waves are natural disasters that claim more lives than any other. Climate change is causing more intense heat waves. Make sure that you and your loved ones stay safe in climate-friendly ways this week." The National Weather Service, whose Massachusetts base is in Norton, on Wednesday tweeted: "Dangerous heat late this week into Saturday. Make sure to stay cool and hydrated! 

More recently, some rain is now being forecast, but temperatures going forward highs are expected to be 80 or below. Here is what the National Weather Service reported in part at around noon for today via microblogging platform Twitter: "Heads up -- a [Storm] Watch will likely be issued for the region." MSN has an hourly online forecast that can be focused on, for instance, Arlington.

Locally, in addition to cooling off during open hours at the Arlington Reservoir in Arlington Heights or the North Union Spray Park in East Arlington, residents can also chill at many local cafes or take the summer reading challenge at the Fox or Robbins libraries, they suggest.

Town officials strongly recommend that residents be careful now and at all times during extended periods of extreme heat.

Important additional safety tips are available at and on the state website

Frequently updated weather data for the Arlington area may be seen here.


This news announcement was published Wednesday, July 26, 2023. YourArlington volunteer Kim Haase prepared it for publication, based initially on information from the Town of Arlington. It was updated later the same day with context from the Town of Arlington and the National Weather Service's Twitter feeds, and again Thursday, July 27, 2023. It was updated again Saturday, July 29, 2023.