UPDATED: The July 31 town update shows Covid-19 cases remained the same, 321, as did deaths, at 47. See all numbers by clicking on View more tables >>  

The age breakdown of cases reported through July 31:

19 and under20-2930-3940-4950-5960-6970-7980 and overTotal cases
4 28 37 22 61 34 51 84   321

View Massachusetts case numbers here >> 

Covid-19 imageNew state travel order Aug. 1: All travelers entering Massachusetts, including both out-of-state residents and Massachusetts residents returning home, will be required to comply with a new travel order including filling out a traveler form and quarantining for 14 days. Travelers from Covid-19 lower-risk states are not required to fill out the form. Full details can be found at www.mass.gov/MAtraveler.

Free state testing sites expanded: Gov. Baker announced July 27 that the Commonwealth has expanded its Stop the Spread testing program in communities across Massachusetts, adding eight communities, including Revere and Methuen. Testing at these facilities are free, confidential, and open to everyone, not just residents where these testing facilities are located. For additional details, please click here >>

Apply for a temporary outdoor dining or outdoor titness & arts applicationThe process to apply is free and is meant to share limited park resources equitably. Please don’t set up at the park without a permit.

Travel reminders, self-quarantining at home: All travelers arriving to Massachusetts – including Massachusetts residents returning home – are instructed to self-quarantine for 14 days, except travelers from New England, New York, and New Jersey arriving in Massachusetts. All persons are instructed not to travel if they are displaying symptoms of Covid-19 and to stay at home. For national and international travel advisories, please visit mass.gov

At his press conference July 13, Gov. Baker continued to stress that the success of Massachusetts’ reopening to date is because of adherence to workplace safety standards and the public doing their part in following Covid-19 safety protocols, such as wearing face coverings, washing hands frequently, and social distancing. Baker continued to ask everyone to stay vigilant in following all the safety protocols. He also announced the state launched a website where you can report a business that is noncompliant with the workplace safety standards at mass.gov/compliance.

COVID-19 Testing Information

Locally: For the month of July, AFC Urgent Care in Arlington Heights will be holding a COVID-19 testing clinic on Thursdays, by appointment only, between 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Learn more.

Phase 3, Step 1 underway: Arlington continues to follow the State’s Reopening plan and is working closely with businesses to provide additional guidance.

Phase 3 underway: Gov. Baker announced July 2 that Phase III, Step 1 of the state’s reopening plan begins July 6. Some new sectors now having the option to reopen, with restrictions, include movie theaters, fitness centers and health clubs, museums and cultural/historic sites. In this phase health-care providers may add certain group treatment programs and day programs.

Read the full press release at mass.gov Arlington continues to follow the state’s reopening plan and is working closely with businesses to provide additional guidance.  Baker provided an update on Covid-19 testing and hospitalizations and continues to be encouraged by the public health data, due to the public’s efforts to follow safety protocols. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education also released initial guidance to bring students back to classrooms this fall. Baker also announced an $200 million in district school costs in addition to $502 million made available to cities and towns for Covid-19-related costs. Watch the press conference. 

Arlington Open for Business List
Wondering who in Arlington is open for business and if they offer delivery or curbside service? Check out Arlington’s Open for Business list. The list is updated regularly, but do know things change quickly and it is always best to call ahead for heading out. Read the list at arlingtonma.gov/openforbusiness.

Apply Now for Covid-19 Assistance Programs
Small Business Relief Assistance deadline extended to July 8
Arlington recently announced CDBG programs and the Arlington Covid-19 Relief Fund that will provide assistance to income-eligible households and businesses that have been affected by the economic instability caused by the pandemic. The deadline for the Small Business Relief program has been extended to July 8. The Arlington Covid-19 Relief fund is also accepting applications. You can learn more at arlingtonma.gov/covid19assistance. 

A window in Arlington tells the story in April 2020. / Marjorie Howard photoA window at Sunrise in March 2020. / Marjorie Howard Accounting for some deaths: The Boston Globe has reported that Ellen McDonald, a guardian to Norma Ricci, 92, said her friend’s assisted-living residence, Sunrise of Arlington, told her April 1 that a nurse who worked on Ricci’s floor had been infected. A week later, McDonald was told Ricci was rushed to Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, with no mention of coronavirus.

The next day, Mount Auburn called to say Ricci had Covid-19. McDonald donned full protective garb to visit her friend on Easter. Ricci died April 15, according to a DeVito Funeral Home notice, which lacks an obituary. 

McDonald told the Globe that Sunrise nurses told her many residents were coughing and some staffers had stopped coming to work, without official word from management. In a statement, Sunrise Senior Living told The Globe that nine residents of its Arlington facility have died and 25 have tested positive. The statement said Sunrise has regularly updated residents and families by phone and e-mail. It quoted a regional vice president, Thomas Kessler, as saying, “Communication has always been a source of pride at Sunrise of Arlington.”

8th local death identified

Among the Covid-19 deaths so far reported among town residents since early March, YourArlington has identified an eighth from obituaries. A listing at Boston.com shows Vincent A. Aliberti died July 12 from the virus.

6th, 7th local deaths identified

Among the Covid-19 deaths so far reported among town residents, YourArlington has identified a sixth and seventh from obituaries. Listings at Boston.com show that Joan M. Mockel and Danile F. Morrison recently succumbed to the virus.

5th local death identified

Among the 19 Covid-19 deaths so far reported among town residents, YourArlington has identified a fifth, Vincie Teresa DeRose (Militello), as reported by the Gloucester Times. 

The fourth was Alfred "Fred" Iannacone. YourArlington reported a third death, occurring April 14 at Sunrise Assisted Living. A source confirmed the virus victim was Theodore S. Wayne. Since the end of March, two others have died in town from coronavirus: A Globe death notice identifies the first as James K. Power on March 30. A second death here was reported March 31, without details. 

Town issues "Wear A Face Covering in Public" advisory; continue to heed state’s stay-at-home advisory. Only run essential errands.
In addition to the current Stay at Home advisory by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, starting immediately, the Town of Arlington is issuing a townwide advisory that all residents wear a face covering when in public.

This advisory applies to anyone age 2 or older when in any public indoor or outdoor space. Indoor public spaces include stores and common areas in multi-unit homes. Outdoor areas include sidewalks, parks, trails, and the bike path. All persons including joggers and cyclists must comply.

This ongoing town statement continues: "We continue to believe this number may provide a false sense of security to residents as numbers in the region and across the state increase at a rapid rate. Public health officials remind all residents, regardless of age, to stay at home and away from anyone who does not live in your house, including relatives. If you have to go out to conduct a necessary errand, like grocery shopping, picking up medication, or checking in on a neighbor who may need assistance, it is crucial you practice social distancing and keep 6 feet away from others."

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance information: The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program is now accepting applications; this program provides up to 39 weeks of unemployment benefits to individuals who are unable to work because of a Covid-19 related reason, but are not eligible for regular or extended unemployment benefits. This includes the self-employed, independent contractors, workers with limited work history, and others. Individuals can review eligibility scenarios here and apply for PUA here.

Nursing Home Family Resource Line: The state has launched a dedicated hotline that will connect family members of nursing home and rest home residents with information and resources they seek. Created so that family and community members have one central contact that they can reach out to if they have questions or concerns about the care their loved one is receiving during the Covid-19 outbreak. The line is staffed from 9 AM – 5 PM, seven days a week. Staff will coordinate across state agencies to help callers find answers to their questions. Families and community members can call the line at (617) 660-5399.

CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings when in public: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies). Wearing a cloth face covering is not a substitute for social distancing, but an extra measure while you are running essential errands to minimize the spread of the virus. The CDC provides instructions on how to make your own cloth face covering.

For the national picture, see this U.S. map showing numbers from all counties >>

The town is also accepting donations of cloth face coverings, to local seniors, as well as PPE equipment for first responders and healthcare professionals.

Social distance at the park; single file on the bikeway: We understand it may be awkward to keep your distance when you are out getting exercise or running an essential errand that finds you on the bike path or at an Arlington park. However, keeping a distance of 6 feet or more from others is akin to being polite. Let’s get over our awkwardness and be more polite. Say no to play dates, group activities and sports. Please keep your distance when you are outside and walk single file on the bike path. These are a simple choices that we all can, and should make, to save lives. Please continue to do your part.

Real estate open houses prohibited: Private showings allowed if following public health guidelines
Starting immediately open houses for real estate sales are prohibited in Arlington. Private showings are allowed and local realtors have been provided guidelines to conduct private showings from Arlington's Health Department.

Save your pipes; don't flush wipes, other items
MWRA warns not to flush personal care wipes, paper towels, other items in toilet.
Even if they're small, and the package says "flushable," some everyday items can cause messy and expensive problems for your plumbing and MWRA sewer treatment facilities. Products that might seem safe to flush down the toilet, such as personal care wipes, dental floss, and paper towels, don't dissolve quickly – or at all – in water. If a scrap of undissolved material gets caught on a nick, bend or bump within a pipe, it can trigger a growth of buildup that could cause a sewer backup in your home or neighborhood creating an additional public health risk amid the coronavirus pandemic. Please dispose of these items in the trash. Read more at mwra.com 

List of businesses currently open in Arlington: The listings will be updated at least once daily. Please contact businesses directly before placing and order or going to their establishment to confirm that they are open, as the information on this list is subject to change.  See the list here >>

Additional resources for businesses and nonprofits may be found on the Business & Nonprofit Resourcepage. but should not comngregate in groups. 

Tracking Covid-19 via Johns Hopkins site

June 25 to Aug. 1, 2020: Town Covid-19 tracking
Town Covid-19: June 1-25, 2020
May 18 through 29, 2020: Daily town Covid-19 deaths up 4; Town Day canceled
April 27-May 1, 2020: Covid-19 cases in town rise 5, as deaths hold at 23
April 22-26, 2020: Ongoing records of town updates, related info
April 17-21, 2020: Cases drop by 1, as death total remains; Baker extends school closings
April 13-17, 2020: Cases in town rise to 105, from 99 Wednesday; 3rd death identified
April 2-10, 2020: Cases in town rise to 67, from 45 Wednesday
March 30-April 1, 2020: Arlington Covid-19 deaths stand at 2, as cases rise to 23
March 23-27, 2020:12 positive town cases of Covid-19 remain firm; Baker announces travel restrictions
March 20-23, 2020: Presumptive Covid-19 cases rise to 7; public urged to stay at home; testing in Heights
March 15, 2020: Playgrounds closed, Town Hall restricted after 4 Covid-19 cases cited
March 13-15, 2020: Possible postponement of town election pushes candidates to go virtual
March 12, 2020: Town's public schools among 6 districts closing for two weeks
March 11, 2020: In face of threat, town suspends Senior Center programs, postpones library events
March 8, 2012: 2nd resident tests negative for Covid-19
Feb. 28-March 6, 2020: Coronavirus risk remains low in town, health office says in 2nd update

This news announcement was published Thursday, June 25, 2020. The orginal copy was written by Joan Roman, town webmaster, with editing and additions by Bob Sprague. It was updated June 30 through July 31.