Cooped up? The Arlington Land Trust suggests some walking trails in and around Arlington.

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Those at the nonprofit hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy during these difficult times. While social-distancing guidelines remain in place to protect us all from exposure to Covid-19, we also know how important it is to be outdoors and enjoy the bounties of spring in New England.Take a walk logo

The land trust offers the following suggestions for safe walking around Arlington and in other nearby communities where conservation lands and parks are open.

Please check the websites of places you wish to visit ahead of time since many are still closed.

Arlington mapArlington's Take A Walk project was developed by the town's Open Space Committee to encourage residents to get outside and explore the town's diverse parks, open spaces and neighborhoods.

 Seven suggested routes on the Take A Walk maps cover the entire town, or you can improvise along the way. The maps can be downloaded and printed ahead of time, or accessed on your phone as you walk.

Take A Walk maps will help you safely explore less traveled parts of Arlington that you may never have visited before and may reveal some surprising discoveries, including beautiful front yard gardens, and bears and other creatures in house windows. Have fun! 

The townwide map shows all seven routes, or you can select one of the neighborhood maps -- East Arlington North, East Arlington South, Arlington Center South, Arlington Heights South, Arlington Heights North, Arlington Center North and Arlington Center Central.
Circumnavigate Arlington

A separate, complementary initiative developed by Arlington resident George Stephans offers a walking route that follows the town's boundaries. He was initially inspired by suggestions to honor Marathon Monday on April 20 by doing a special running/walking event with some charity component.

This idea expanded to consider routes that avoid heavy traffic areas such as the bike path and Mass. Ave. As it turns out, one can travel very close to the entire Arlington border on roads that are reasonably safe for walking or running and typically are not very busy. 

The Circumnavigate Arlington main page, at right, explains this project and has links to several maps and other information.Circumnavigate Arlington

Statewide trails app

For going farther afield, ALT board member Peter Belknap shares his recent use of the app provided by AllTrails to find new and interesting conservation lands and other trail networks across the state. Read his account of a visit to Chamberlin Woods in Concord, and check out the app to learn about hundreds of other places to visit.

You can download the app here: Apple App Store  or Google Play.

You can also use the website to search the map for trails.

Visit All Trails webpage for Massachusetts.

For more information about the Land Trust, visit   

This news announcement was published Saturday, May 16, 2020.