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Town election winners: Gilligan, Dan Dunn, Mahon, Susse, Schlichtman, Hayner

Full unofficial results in an easy-to-read spreadsheet

Avocado analyzes the numbers

UPDATED, April 12: Town Treasurer Stephen Gilligan faced down the first challenge for that seat in 21 years, beating Julie Dunn by 138 votes.

2014 town election logoIncumbent Selectmen Dan Dunn and Diane Mahon were returned to office in a close race. Second-time challenger Robert Tosi Jr. lost by 33 votes. He confirmed April 12 he would not seek a recount.

Topping all candidates in the April 5 annual town election was newcomer Jennifer Susse, who received 3,646 votes for School Committee, according to unofficial tallies. Winning back their seats were incumbents Paul Schlichtman and William Hayner. Michael Buckley came up short in his second try for office.

Here are the unofficial numbers:


Gilligan, 2,998

J. Dunn, 2,860

Board of Selectmen

D. Dunn, 3,226

Mahon, 3,121

Tosi, 3,088

School Committee

Susse, 3,646

Hayner, 3,131

Schlichtman, 3,102

Buckley, 2,268

 Preliminary statistics from all precincts recorded by the town's website showed that turnout was 20.08 percent.

The clerk's office said at 5:30 p.m. April 5 that 582 had coast absentee ballots in the town election.

Candidates asked to comment

All campaigns in contested races have been asked to comment.

The Tosi campaign not responded to requests, first made April 5, about whether it will seek a recount. It had 10 days from Election Day to do so.

Tosi told YourArlington April 12 that he would not.

Gilligan wrote April 9: "The thing that most candidates cherish, whether they win or lose a campaign, is the support they receive from so many different groups of people.

"Any election requires an enormous amount of help, and no candidate can do it by themselves. Counting on family and friends is a given, but receiving support from strangers is uplifting and is often the difference that enables a candidate to keep plugging-away, no matter what the odds are.
"I hope that all of us who ran for office this year, take away from this election that fact that so many of our friends, family and those special strangers gave us their unconditional support.  It is my hope that Arlington can channel that kind of commitment to make our community even better than it already is. Thank you."

Buckley wrote April 8: "I would like to first say congratulations to Jennifer, Paul, and Bill concerning their victories.

"For whatever reason I came up short. The most important thing I can do is thank all those who supported my candidacy and that I am, and always will be, grateful. I expect that the issues raised in this campaign will be addressed proactively and responsibly.

"Having said this, I will not be running again next year for the office of School Committee. I wish the committee as a whole much success in their efforts to promote and preserve the integrity of our schools and in providing the best possible education for our children."

Hayner wrote April 8: "There is little to say other than I am happy that the people of Arlington felt confident in what I have done to reelect me and I am truly grateful. I look forward to continuing to work with the other members of the committee. I also would like to state that this was a long campaign and glad that it is over."

Susse wrote April 7: "I was touched to see how many of my friends, acquaintances, and even some people I didn't know, got involved in the campaign. Everyone worked incredibly hard, especially my campaign manager, Angela Alton. Their work is done. Now it is up to me to work hard on their behalf."

A spokeswoman for Julie Dunn wrote April 7: "Thank you Arlington for the privilege of running for treasurer, and for the great support I received.

"It was an enormous pleasure to knock on doors in so many different neighborhoods and to talk to so many wonderful Arlingtonians. Thank you to all for listening, sharing your thoughts and opinions, and contributing to the lively debate about our town. I consider it a victory for our local democracy to have raised a strong challenge, to have informed voters about this important elective office in town, and to make sure there is accountability in the system."

Schlichtman wrote April 6: "The results look like the town appreciates the work of the School Committee, and the committee's efforts to work together as a team. I am glad the voters added Jennifer Susse to the committee, as I am sure she will work hard and contribute effectively to the committee."

The following candidates ran unopposed and won reelection:

Stephanie L. Lucarelli, for a three-year term as clerk: 4,522 votes

Mary Winstanley O’Connor, for a three-year term as an assessor: 3,993

Daniel F. Brosnan Jr., for a five-year term on the Arlington Housing Authority: 4,211

Full, unofficial results (town website)


Stephen J. GilliganStephen Gilligan
Campaign website

Julie Dunn

Julie Dunn
Campaign website
















Diane Mahon

Diane Mahon
Campaign website

Dan Dunn

Dan Dunn
Campaign website

rtosi 90 31319

Robert Tosi Jr.
Campaign website








School Committee

Jennifer Susse

Jennifer R. Susse
Campaign website

Michael Buckley

Michael Buckley
Campaign website

Paul Schlichtman

Paul Schlichtman
Campaign website

William Hayner
William Hayner
Campaign website

For selectmen, Daniel Dunn and Diane Mahon seek reelection to three-year seats. Challenging them is Robert Tosi Jr., who ran in 2012.

For treasurer, in the first contested race in 21 years for that office, incumbent Stephen Gilligan faces a challenge from Julie Dunn.

For School committee, two incumbents, William Hayner and Paul Schlichtman, are vying for three three-year seats. Challengers are Michael Buckley and Jennifer Susse.

Seeking reelection, without opposition, are:

Stephanie Lucarelli, for town clerk, for three years;

Mary Winstanley O'Connor, for assessor, for one three-year seat; and

Daniel F. Brosnan Jr., for Arlington Housing Authority, for the lone five-year seat.

Complete unofficial ballot, including Town Meeting members

2014 town election calendar | Past elections

Treasurer | Board of Assessors | Housing | Town clerk | Selectmen School Committee |

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A look back at last year's election

In the 2013 town election, voters supported the nonbinding ballot question on Mass. Ave. by a close vote as Kevin Greeley won reelection to a record eighth term.

The question asking whether four lanes should be retained won, 4,334 to 4,097, but it was nonbinding, and officials could ignore it -- and did. The Mass. Ave. project is due to get underway this spring.

School Committee incumbents Kirsi Allison-Ampe and Judson Pierce won reelection to three-year seats, and newcomer Michael Buckley made a strong showing.

The nonbinding ballot question asking whether voters favored the overnight parking ban won by a strong margin, 5,254 to 3,000.

The turnout for the election was 28.66 percent; that is, of 30,069 registered voters, 8,619 ballots were cast.

For a chart showing turnouts in town elections since 2000, click here >> (scroll to the end). 

Greeley's win, for his ninth term, set a town record, besting Charles Lyons. Greeley defeated Maria Romano, who lost for the fourth time in four years.

Unopposed candidates who won were Paul Schlichtman, for a one-year School Committee seat; John Leone, for town moderator; James Doherty, for the Board of Assessors; as well as Richard Murray and Bridgett James, for Housing Authority seats.

This story was published Saturday, April 5, 2014, and updated the next four days as well as April 12.

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