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Minuteman's cooperative-education program, commonly referred to as "co-op," allows students to work at job sites within the scope of their career majors.

Students receive on-the-job training, course credit, and gain hours toward industry-recognized credentials. Co-op is open to seniors all year and juniors for the second half of the year. Here are snapshots of two from Arlington.

Alex Perhanidis '23 at Atlantic Plumbing and Heating
With only a few months on the job, Alexander Perhanidis, junior Plumbing major from Arlington, sparks with delight as he describes his “co-op” work placement at Atlantic Plumbing and Heating of Brookline.
“It doesn’t feel like a job,” Perhanidis said. “When I’m doing stuff with my hands and working, it’s like you just get locked in. You start to lose time in your head. That’s how I knew I found the field I want to be in.”
Trinity Choroszej,'22, at MGH Immunology Research Center 
Trinity Choroszej '22 at MGH Immunology Research Center
Trinity Choroszej, a Class of 2022 Biotechnology student from Arlington, aspires to work in the medical field – possibly in immunology or oncology – and searched for a “co-op” job placement to match her big dreams.
She found it at the Mass. General Brigham Mucosal Immunology and Biology Research Center in Charlestown, where she works for course credit as part of Minuteman’s Cooperative Education Program for the 2021-22 year.

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